Women’s Health & Gynecology in Houston, TX

You don’t have to struggle with finding a different clinic to receive special examinations, as Vitality Family Medicine has a gynecologist on staff that performs everything from women’s physicals to women’s pap smears. Our Houston, Texas, based practice is committed to providing women’s health care to treat ladies of all ages. Furthermore, our highly-trained gynecology doctor understands that each woman is unique and has a different set of expectations. For this reason, we personalize our services for each patient. This way, you can be treated the way you want, while still receiving patient-focused care.

Compassionate Pregnancy Care

Whether you want to know if you’re pregnant or already expecting, we are here to provide you the specialized pregnancy care that you deserve. Our staff will support you throughout your entire prenatal period. We understand how life-changing having a child can be. As a result, we offer you a variety of information to help you prepare for your son’s or daughter’s arrival. Feel free to ask us anything, as we want you to learn all the necessary information that’s needed in becoming a new mother, or when you’re becoming a mother once again.

Knowledgeable Breast Care Specialists

If you are in need of a thorough breast evaluation or other treatment, make an appointment with our clinic. Each of our medical specialists is committed to providing you quality breast care that helps you stay healthy. We can perform breast cancer risk assessments, mammograms and screenings, and other examinations. Our practitioners can also discuss different conditions that can affect your upper body, such as breast pain, lumps, cysts, and calcifications.

A Team You Can Trust

You never have to worry about not being fully taken care of by our team. It doesn’t matter if you are visiting our location for a routine woman’s physical or other treatment, one of our main goals is to keep you safe and secure. We also make sure you’re comfortable by being personable and approachable. Everyone on our team wants to ensure you receive the health care you need.

Health Questions & Answers

Have any of your medical questions answered by speaking with our knowledgeable gynecologist. You can receive information for all types of subjects and treatments, including birth control, women’s pap smears, menopause, breastfeeding, the well-woman exam, menstruation, and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). We can also refer you to outside sources that know more about these different areas, just let us know is you need further assistance.

Contact our holistic health specialists at (713) 524-9300 to speak to a representative about the gynecology services we offer.